Maps of playgrounds, parks, schools, preschools, private properties and Universal Map Games

1. Maps of public playgrounds and parks, from $5

These maps are ideal for parties, group meetings and new activities at playgrounds and parks.

You have a choice of A4 maps with or without mini-orienteering courses (each course has 8 controls labelled '1–8' or 'A-H' on the map).

Maps of McAlpin Reserve, Gracedale Park, Wombolano Park and Glen Park are available.

Custom maps are also available. You can choose your heading on the map, a different number of mini-orienteering controls on the map (maximum 16) and different symbols for the controls.

Order custom maps

Are you not sure if your children will like mini-orienteering?

How about trying our free map of AMazing Playspace in Ringwood?

You can download the map from here.

 2. Maps of schools , from $150

We make a mini-orienteering map of your school and can provide materials and advice for versatile educational use of the map. If required, initial training for teachers and students is provided.

3. Maps of preschools, from $90

A mini-orienteering map of your preschool offers great opportunities for treasure hunts and for activities, which combine exercise with early childhood education.

Maps_SchoolsInfo.pdf Maps_SchoolsInfo.pdf
Size : 1131.867 Kb
Type : pdf

Maps_PreschoolsInfo.pdf Maps_PreschoolsInfo.pdf
Size : 1109.764 Kb
Type : pdf

4. Maps of private properties, from $90

Colour or Black-and-White maps, which are great for birthday parties, daily outdoor play and for teaching literacy and numeracy in a novel way.

PrivatePropertyMaps_Info.pdf PrivatePropertyMaps_Info.pdf
Size : 198.8 Kb
Type : pdf

5. Universal Map Maths Game, from $5

These maps combine fun, education, exercise and navigation. The games can be played indoors or outdoors. One side has games for beginners, the reverse side is for advanced because it includes logarithmic functions . The rules of these games can be applied to any maps with numbers.


Merry Maps Education cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained or destruction of property. Outdoor activities may involve the following hazards: dangerous animals (e.g. dogs, wasps, swooping birds, people), dangerous plants (e.g. falling trees, branches, cones), vehicle traffic, water, air pollution, dangerous weather and unsafe structures. Exercise the usual precautions, in particular, supervise children near roads and water. When placing controls, avoid swings and flying foxes.

Quality of the Maps

We strive to provide maps, which are as accurate as possible for the purpose of entertainment and education. We regularly update the maps. Each map has a date when it was last updated. It is unlikely, but possible, that some recent changes may occur and not be recorded on the maps. For example, a map may be accurate at the time of dispatch but a new picnic table may be constructed after you have received the map. When buying or hiring our maps you accept that imperfections may occur. Maps with imperfections can be easily fixed or used for a new game, such as 'find a mistake on a map'.

 Map Symbols

Our maps are two-dimensional. We use different symbols than those on standard orienteering maps. For example, in all cases except for Wombolano Park, open areas are depicted in white (not yellow) and all individual trees and posts are shown.

Map  Accessories

Mini-orienteering controls are not needed for our standard courses but are very useful if you plan to set up new courses and play various literacy and numeracy games, which are suggested on our information sheet (included with all purchases). Making mini-orienteering controls can be a great creative activity, especially for children. So, if you have time and enthusiasm, we recommend that you make your own controls.

We offer different types of handmade, laminated mini-orienteering controls: white-and-orange squares (5 cm x 5 cm) at the cost of $1 per control; squares with pictures of plants, animals, scenery, fairies or dinosaurs for $1 per control, or 'snowflakes' for $3 per control; plus postage.

Dice can be used for numeracy games, and crayons for artistic mini-orienteering courses. It is most cost-efficient if you use your own dice and crayons. However, you can buy dice from us, if it is your preferred option. Dice costs $1 per item, plus postage.

Low-resolution images are used for the website. High-resolution images are printed out (i.e. maps of parks) or delivered as digital files (i.e. maps of preschools, schools and of private properties) after confirmation of payment.
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