Awesome Antechinus Scientific Adventure

Fun and Science

This incursion is based on a published scientific study. Children role-play scientists.Together we study the abundance of the yellow-footed antechinus in two forests. We consider animal welfare, trap antechinus (puppets made from wool) and 'publish a scientific paper' about the importance of logs and trees with hollows for antechinus.


Children have fun, learn about Australian animals and the environment, experience the joys and trepidation of a scientific study and receive copies of their 'scientific paper'.

The cost is $120 per incursion ($100 per incursion if two sessions are requested for the same day) for preschools located up to 20 km by road from Ringwood Train Station. For other preschools, there is a surcharge of $1 for every 1 km beyond the 20-km road-distance from Ringwood Train Station .

Awesome Antechinus Presentation with or without Materials

The presentation is for 20 min and includes antechinus puppets, photos, trapping equipment and audience participation.

Materials allow for subsequent play by children and include two antechinus finger puppets and trapping equipment (4 fabric bags, 8 pieces of fabric as bedding, 8 pieces of fabric as bark, 4 plastic animals, 5 small laminated photos and a field guide) with 8 traps made out of tissue boxes offered for free.

The cost is $80 for Awesome Antechinus Presentation or $160 for Awesome Antechinus Presentation with Materials. Distance surcharge applies to preschools located further than 20 km by road from Ringwood Train Station.

AwesomeAntechinusInfo_Kinder.pdf AwesomeAntechinusInfo_Kinder.pdf
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AntechinusPresentationMat_Kinder.pdf AntechinusPresentationMat_Kinder.pdf
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Mini-orienteering Maps for Preschools

Fun, Numeracy and Navigation

We map the outdoor area of your preschool. We can design a mini-orienteering (mini-O) course, run an incursion and make mini-O controls with labels of your choice. Children have fun looking at the maps and going to all the controls. During the year educators can design a new course or request advice via email.

Your preschool will receive:

  • Digital file(s) of the map (you can choose Black-and-White Mini-O Map or Colour Mini-O Map)

The following are available at extra cost:

  • mini-O controls (laminated, handmade squares)
  • Controls drawn on the Map
  • Mini-O incursion (tailored to children's needs)
  • updates of the map

The cost is: $90 for a digital file of Black-and-White Map without extra options; $210 for two digital files of Colour Map with 10 controls drawn on one map (no controls on the second map), 10 controls in hand and 30-min Mini-O incursion; and $5 for removal or addition of a feature.

New controls can be marked on laminated maps with white-board markers.

You can also purchase mini-O maps of a nearby park.

It will take us between 2 and 6 weeks to make a new map of a preschool or a nearby park.


Maps_PreschoolsInfo.pdf Maps_PreschoolsInfo.pdf
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Free Universal Map Game for Preschoolers

This navigation and numeracy game can be set up anywhere, indoors or outside on the grass or sand.  Download a free low-resolution image of the game from here.

Or email to receive a free high-resolution image of the game.

Low-resolution images are used for the website. High-resolution images are printed out (i.e. maps of parks) or delivered as digital files (i.e. maps of preschools, schools and of private properties) after confirmation of payment.
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