Our Products and Services

We offer mini-orienteering maps of parks, playgrounds, preschools, schools and private properties. Our Universal Map Games provide a great opportunity for children and adults to combine green exercise and navigation (orienteering) with games in mathematics or literacy.

We are passionate about science and education, and have developed Awesome Antechinus Scientific Adventure for preschools and primary schools. We offer enjoyable and high-quality tutoring in many subjects.

Merry Maps Education

Merry Maps Education is a business run by a scientist and enthusiastic educator, with 20 years experience in research, and over 30 years experience in orienteering and tutoring. All products have been developed by Hania Lada, with the aim to provide clever entertainment, promote green exercise and demystify science.

If you are interested in some of the research that inspired Awesome Antechinus Scientific Adventure, please visit:


Benefits of Activities in Green Areas

Green exercise (physical activity while being exposed to nature) is good for your physical and mental health (Pretty et al 2007, Barton and Pretty, 2010). Running promotes growth of new neurons (nerve cells) in a brain (Van Praag et al. 1999).

Most preschoolers are capable of reading maps (Uttal and Wellman, 1989).

Much research shows that thinking and physical activity are good for you (Doidge, 2007). However, Merry Maps Education takes no responsibility if you run into a tree while reading a map.

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a sport, which combines physical exercise and thinking, usually in forests and parks. You use a map to find 'controls' (land features, human-made structures), which are marked on the map.

Our products have been developed to complement services offered by Orienteering Victoria. We make maps of smaller areas (mostly playgrounds, preschools, sporting areas of schools and private backyards) and offer short, very easy courses, in particular for preschoolers and younger primary school children. We offer additional entertainment in the form of map-based literacy, numeracy and artistic activities for all ages, including challenging trivia questions for adults (if requested).

Orienteering Victoria offers teacher training, orienteering competitions and making of maps for schools.

Ethical Business

We are an ethical business and strive to minimise resource use. We use only green energy to power electrical devices. We use recycled paper or paper certified by Forest Stewardship Council. We have not been able to find a suitable eco-friendly material to laminate with. If you do not want laminated maps but would like to use maps for a long time, we recommend that you put our maps in map bags or sturdy plastic envelopes.

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