Green exercise for thinkers of all ages. Fun and science activities for schools and preschools.

Tutoring in maths, biology, chemistry, geography, ecology and genetics.

Use our maps, find controls (easy navigation), answer questions and have fun. The maps are suitable for all ages and various activities including parties and educational games.

McAlpin Reserve in Ringwood North

Wombolano Park in Ringwood East

Gracedale Park in Ringwood East

Try our free mini-orienteering map of AMazing Playspace in Ringwood

Download a free low-resolution image of the map from here.

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Enjoy our Universal Map Games anywhere. Suitable for beginners and advanced. Combine exercise and navigation with maths or literacy.

Print and Play Our Free Universal Game for Preschoolers

This navigation and numeracy game can be set up anywhere, indoors or outside on grass or sand. 

Download a free low-resolution image of the game from here.

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 Mini-orienteering Maps for Preschools and Schools

We map the outdoor area of your preschool or school. We design a mini-orienteering course and run the incursion. Children have fun looking at maps and going to all the controls. During the year educators can design new courses. You can use numbers, letters or pictures for mini-orienteering controls.

Awesome Antechinus Scientific Adventure

Fun and Science for preschoolers and primary school children. This incursion is based on a published scientific study. Children role-play scientists. Together we study the abundance of the yellow-footed antechinus in two 'forests'. Children have fun, learn about Australian animals and the environment, experience the joys and trepidation of a scientific study and receive copies of their 'scientific paper'.

Awesome Antechinus Presentation and Materials

Presentation for 20 min with antechinus puppets, photos, trapping equipment and audience participation. Materials allow for subsequent investigations by students. Available for schools and preschools.

'Hania (...) gave a very interesting presentation to our students about Antechinus, which they thoroughly enjoyed'

Foundation Team, Parent Newsletter Term Two (2016).

Low-resolution images are used for the website. High-resolution images are printed out (i.e. maps of parks) or delivered as digital files (i.e. maps of preschools, schools and of private properties) after confirmation of payment.
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